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What caused the Loss of MH Flight 370?


General Paper Requirements:
1.Minimum of 8 pages in length, excluding title and reference pages.
2.Use of least 6 sources. May include interviews of aviation professionals/instructors and government reports.
3.Use the APA or MLA format
Specific Paper Requirements:
All Papers Will Address This Subject: What caused the Loss of MH Flight 370?
Paper structure:
Introduction to subject: Brief narrative of MH Flight Details as known.
Review and Analysis of the Major Theories of the Cause: Review three or more theories as to the cause. You may include your own theory as to the cause of the loss if you wish. Briefly analyze each theory identifying its strong points and weak points based on available evidence.
Conclusions: Which theory in your view is the most likely to be correct and why. Identify the theory and provide support for your view that it is the most likely cause of MH Flight 370s loss based on your research and review of the current theories

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