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41. anomaly (n.) – something that does not fit into the normal order
42. antechamber (n.) – a waiting room
43. anxiety (n.) – uneasiness
44. aphorism (n.) – a short saying
45. apocalypse (n.) – total devastation, the end of the world
46. apparitional (adj.) – ghostly, spectral
47. arbitrator (n.) – one who settles controversy between two sides
48. ascetic (n.) – one who practices restraint as a means of self-discipline, usually religious
49. assuage (v.) – to ease, pacify
50. atone (v.) – to apologize, make amends
51. audacious (adj.) – excessively bold
52. augment (v.) – to increase or make larger
53. austere (adj.) – very bare, bleak, simple
54. baleful (adj.) – harmful, threatening
55. bard (n.) – a poet, often a singer as well
56. battery (n.) – an assault or an array of similar things intended for use together
57. belligerent (adj.) – contentious, ready to fight
58. benevolent (adj.) – kind, good, caring
59. benign (adj.) – non-threatening, innocuous
60. berate (v.) – to scold severely

161.empathy (n.) – the experience of another’s feelings
162.as one’s own
163.enervate (v.) – to weaken, make weary
164.enervated (adj.) – lacking energy, weakened,
166.entity (n.) – something that exists as a discrete unit
167.entomology (n.) – the study of insects
168.envious (adj.) – jealous
169.erect (v.) – to construct, to raise
170.erroneous (adj.) – mistaken, incorrect
171.espouse (v.) – to support, or to marry
172.espy (v.)– – catch sight of, glimpse
173.ethereal (adj.) – heavenly, exceptionally delicate or
175.euphoric (adj.) – elated, overjoyed
176.exacerbate (v.) – to make more violent, intense
177.excursion (n.) – a trip, an outing
178.exemplary (adj.) – serving as an example
179.exigent (adj.) – critical, urgent
180.existential (adj.) – relating to existence

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