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violations theory


Log entries can take several different forms:
1. Descriptions of how a piece of fiction, an essay, news article, advertisement, music lyric, or cartoon illustrates the theory. Please attach a copy of the item youyi 0.5 re explaining, if possible.
2. Descriptions of how a scene from a film or TV show illustrates the theory. You may need to very briefly describe the scene prior to applying the theory.
3. Personal reflections describing how a particular theory can help explain, predict, and/or understand some Aspect of communication (in your life or others).
Format. Highlight vocabulary terms from the theory in italics.
4. If possible contain a copy of any item to which you are referring (e.g., article, poem, cartoon, etc.). Analyze how the item or experience relates to the theory you have chosen.
textbook-A first look at communication theory C7 violations theory
5.need to apply specific terms from the theory.
6.any critique of the theory

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