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UTC corporate strategies case study


After completing Chapter 7 in Essentials of Strategic Management, please read the case study titled: United Technologies has an Ace in its Pocket (pp. 197-198), and in a 3 page minimum, 5 page maximum, double-spaced paper (12 point, Times New Roman, APA format), compose an academic analysis which incorporates your answers to the following questions:

In what ways does UTCs corporate-level strategy of unrelated diversifications create value?
What are the dangers and disadvantages of this strategy?
Collect some recent information on UTC from on-line sources such as Yahoo! Finance. How successful has UTC been in pursuing its strategy?
Research and compare other organizations that also utilize diversification strategy. In what ways are they similar or different from UTC’s approach?
do not simply list and answer the questions as they are written above. Rather, use them as a guideline for your thought-processes when analyzing the implications of UTC’s diversification strategies. Also, it is strongly encouraged that you incorporate outside resources into your analysis (from the internet, other texts/articles) which discuss UTC and other organizations that utilize diversification strategy.

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