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The Marshall Plan


write down research and fact information on pre marshall plan western europe and post marshall plan. FOCUS ON THEIR ECONOMY.
B. Summary of Evidence (research) (500-600 words)
Prove you did the research. Prove you looked through a variety of sources. Prove you didnt just sit at the computer and search the internet. Prove you were thorough. Prove you went to a museum and looked at the archives! You may even want to bullet the evidence, but make sure you write in sentence form (this helps your word count)! Whatever you do, make sure you cite all your sources. Be careful, only use something in your investigation if it is meaningful and provides evidence to help answer your question. Just using a laundry list of lots of facts and figures and quotes from lots of books or websites doesnt help. More is not better. I would suggest primary AND secondary sources for your research. Summarize, summarize, summarize.
Do not include your analysis of the sources, and dont actually answer the thesis in this section! You will do this later. It is just an organized summary of the facts you found from the sources you discovered in your research. You may include quotes if you want to, but make sure you put them in context. You dont have to use quotes though. I found this, and this, and this, and this.
Be careful – any information you use anywhere else in the paper must be presented in this section. You cant pull out new information and use it in your conclusion if it does not also appear in your summary of evidence!! All information you summarize should help prove what your conclusion is.
Any illustrations, documents, or other relevant evidence should be included in an appendix and will not be included in the word count.
This section MUST BE ORGANIZED (thematically or chronologically) and MUST BE REFERENCED and provide evidence of thorough research. It can be in either bulleted list or continuous prose.

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