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The Importance of Diversity



Symbolic frame reality includes those problems that arise whenever actors in an organization play their parts in a bad manner, leading to loss of meanings of symbols and loss of potency for rituals and ceremonies. Based on the interpretations of organizational processes using symbolic framework, the crisis in the Branch Sales Office is because the Sales Manager is not an effective leader. As a leader, he does not inspire his subordinates, and he seems more of a lofty fanatic. In decision-making, the ritual to confirm values and to provide opportunities for bonding provides the opportunity for actors in the organization to know each other well. The Sales Manager does not follow the organizational processes such as communication, meetings, motivation, and evaluation and this is the main reason behind the crisis that is taking place between him and the Sales Representatives at the Branch. The response by the Sales manager, “These are privileged positions for people who live privileged lives” clearly shows how he does not negotiate meanings, does not provide room for bonding, does not maintain an image of accountability and responsiveness, does not negotiate with his subordinates and does not share values. The crisis in the organization is simply because the Sales Manager is completely out of reality, does not obey the organizational culture/rituals and this is the reason as to why he plays his roles in an inappropriate manner and this has led to an organizational structure that does not fit the organizational situation hence the crisis.


In the reading example provided, discuss how High or Low context cultural values influenced the crisis. Please conduct research to support your findings, citing at least three scholarly resource in APA format (Peer Reviewed or Professional Articles Preferred).

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