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The Go Master: An essay about Wu Qingyuan, pronounced Go Seigen in Japanese


Brainstorming—analysis of a genius’s work
Define a genius in your field.
Many people can be geniuses… based on ‘IQ’ (intelligence quotient).
Just because a person has a high level of intelligence does not mean that person is a genius in
all fields. You must give a definition of genius, but not a “dictionary definition.” You should
determine what the word “genius” means in the discipline of the individual.
For example, in Art, Leonardo is a genius because of the way he draws. Would Leonardo also
have been considered a musical genius? Could we prove that? We could prove his genius in
design, but none of his musical compositions survive, so we cannot prove that he was a genius
Is Bill Gates a genius in all things or is his genius because of his creations in the field of
technology? Or is it because of how he became a billionaire?
Who are some famous geniuses?

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