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Safety management. Strategic Action Plan for a hazardous materials incident.


For the Strategic Action Plan look at Power point Information Resources in Module 6 and the Intro to Hazardous Technician in Module 7.
Strategic Action Plan for a hazardous materials incident.
1. What chemicals are we working with?
2. Interagency responsibilities and cooperation?
3. Risk Assessment
– Hazard Assessment
– Vulerability ” ”
– Threat ” ”
4. LERP based on Conditions, Occupancies, Resources, Response Capabilities
5. Helpful before incident- Training, Planning, Exercises
6. Helpful during emergencies- One of the first reference materials to consult.
7. Typical ERP include the following- Physical/Chemical Hazard Evaluation, HAZCOM, Facility ER Procedures, ER Training/Equipment, Emergency contact numbers, Facility maps, MSDS sheets, Chemical Storage Information.

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