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Starbucks and Carnival Cruise Lines case analysis


Case 7-The Commoditization of Starbucks (Chapter 4)
1. How can Starbucks prevent its product from being commoditized? Is it too late?
2. What strategies should Starbucks implement in light of new competitors such as McDonalds? Is McDonalds a real competitive threat?
3. Was the decision to fire CEO Jim Donald wise? What are the pros and cons of changing senior managers?
4. Has Starbucks lost its competitive advantage? How could Starbucks make its competitive advantage sustainable over time?
5. In light of failing US performance, should Starbucks focus on international operations? Why or why not?

Case 1-The Fun Ship Experience at Carnival Cruise Lines (Chapter 5&6)
1. Are consolidated industries like the cruise industry more or less competitive than fragmented industries? Why or why not?
2. Is the structure of the cruise industry more likely to resemble pure competition, duopoly, oligopoly, or monopoly? Explain your choice.
3. Do the various brands operated by Carnival Corp. have synergies? If so what are the synergies? If not, was it wise for Carnival to acquire brands outside of the contemporary market niche?
4. How should the existing customer information influence brand strategy in the future?
5. Can Carnival change existing customer perceptions of the brand? Should it?

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