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Sociology questions


Allan, Kenneth. Explorations in Classical Sociological Theory: Seeing the Social World. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Pine Forge Press, 2013. Print.

1)According to the reference below, Humans need to decide what input means before acting. (Allan, 2013: 226). In this Discussion, compare and contrast natural signs and significant gestures. Provide appropriate examples.

2) Discuss Meads concept of the self. How did he use the concept of role-taking to account for how the self is developed? How would you be able to tell that a persons self is fully developed? Provide appropriate examples.

3) Following Simmels theory, perform an analysis of your network of group affiliations. Discuss at least two of your primary membership groups do you belong due to organic motivations or rational motivations? Have you experienced the type of role conflict, or the blase attitude, which concerned Simmel? Over the next 5 years, how do you see your web of group affiliations changing?

4) Discuss Harriet Martineaus theory of gender. In your discussion, focus on her ideas about cultural logic and workforce participation.

5) Discuss Charlotte Perkins Gilmans sexuo-economic theory of evolution and its effects on the economy and gender.

6) Many Sociologists agree that the use of Otherness in racism is even more profound than its use in gender (Allan, p. 307). How does Frederick Douglasss public Sociology help us to understand the denial of Black humanity?

7) How does W.E.B. Duboiss concept of double consciousness help us to understand the basic method of cultural oppression? Second, how does the representation of the terms black and white in our society contribute to cultural oppression?

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