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Select a topic related to Cargo Security Management


Select a topic related to Cargo Security Management. Compare and contrast the important aspects of the chosen topic. Peer-reviewed articles should be selected from the University library. Please write a 2000 word APA formatted paper with 3-5 citations evidence backing your paper.

The paper should have:
Title page
Table of contents
Literature review
Body of content
Reference page:
References You May Use
Kumar, S., & Verruso, J. (2008). Risk assessment for the security of inbound containers at U.S. ports: A failure, mode, effects, and criticality analysis approach. Transportation Journal, 47(4), 26-41. Retrieved from https://search-proquest-com.ezproxy1.apus.edu/scholarly-journals/risk-assessment-security-inbound-containers-at-u/docview/761341489/se-2?accountid=8289
SAMEER KUMAR, & JANIS VERRUSO. (2008). Risk Assessment for the Security of Inbound Containers at U.S. Ports: A Failure, Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis Approach. Transportation Journal, 47(4), 26–41.

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