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Read Chapter 4 “Developing a Research Plan” on pages 85-121 in the Mertler textbook


1- Read Chapter 4 “Developing a Research Plan” on pages 85-121 in the Mertler textbook (Action Research: Improving Schools and Empowering Educators 4th ed.). Review (read and speculate on the questions) the materials found at http://www.sagepub.com/mertler4e. on Chapter 4 (page 121). Answer the six (6) “Questions and Activities’ found on page 121.

2-Read Article 4 “Action Research: Three Approaches” on pages 61-72 in the Schmuck textbook (Practical Action Research, 2nd ed.). Be sure to carefully read the three “Exemplary Projects” at the end of the chapter. These may provide some foundational ideas for your personal project to be developed in this course.
As the second portion of the assignment for this week, write a 2-3 page summary (double spaced using 12 pt. font) of this article from the Schmuck text. Please begin by providing the title and author of the article. Then, provide your thoughts on the contents and implications of the article. Complete your review with a brief conclusion of the findings of the research. Please attach this review to the answers to the questions from the Mertler text, separating the two parts of the assignment by use of the Page Break function.
“The Effectiveness of Spalding Instruction for Spelling Performance,” by Margo S. O’Neill.
“The Business Managers’ Network: Action Research to Improve Business capacities of Colorado Charter Schools,” by Lori Grant.
“Improving Schoolwide Communication Through a New School Web Site: Responsive Action research,” by Heidi Mitchell

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