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Public Speaking Speech Evaluation Paper


Project description
????PCM 100 Public Speaking Speech Evaluation Paper
Instructions: Up until this point, you have analyzed classmate speeches and delivered several of your own. As we have been studying persuasive speaking, for this paper you will be analyzing either a speech or advertisement campaign, and identifying the ethos, pathos, and logos components of the subject. For example, if you are analyzing a famous speech such as Martin Luther Kings I Have A Dream speech, you may quote specific parts of the speech and identify which parts are ethos (building credibility), pathos (emotional appeals), and logos (logical appeals).
Alternatively, you may analyze an advertisement campaign for a car, phone, or other product. However, make sure to specifically identify how the ethos (credibility of the product) is created, usually by a famous spokesperson or celebrity, pathos (appealing to make you happy, more secure, etc), and logos (the statistics, facts, safety) of the advertisement campaign.
This paper is worth up to 20 points and is due on the day of the final exam. The paper should be at least 4 pages (not including the cover or references page) to the bottom of the page in length, double spaced, times new roman 12pt font, with 1 margins. Include a cover page with your full name and a creative title. This paper should be of college level writing quality, and identify the three main concepts of egos, pathos, and logos. The textbook for the class may be a useful reference here. Many students structure their paper into an introduction, main point one as ethos, main point two as pathos, and main point three as logos, followed by a conclusion. Be sure to cite the specific speech or advertisement campaign in a separate reference page.
Speech Citation Example: King, M.L., (1963, August) I have a dream speech.
Advertising Campaign Citation Example: Toyota Prius Advertising Campaign, 2013. (include video link if viewed online or if can find any examples on youtube, etc.)