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PSC 410 : values survey


Select the basic values that will provide the foundation of your model and discuss the leadership behaviors that will result from those values (500 words). Be sure to select values from each of the following four levels: individual, interpersonal, organizational, and societal. Use the “Creating a Personal Model of Leadership” instructions and the “Rokeach Values Survey” to guide you.

View “Core Values Media” to assist you with your personal model of leadership.


Additional Material

  1. Finding Higher Common Ground on Values

Read “Finding Higher Common Ground on Values,” by McLaughlin, from the Center for Visionary Leadership (2005).



  1. The Value of Corporate Values

Read “The Value of Corporate Values,” by Van Lee, Fabish, and McGaw, from Strategy + Business (2005).



  1. Building From Within: Designing a Values-Based Cultural Template

Read “Building From Within: Designing a Values-Based Cultural Template,” by Hester and Young, from The Journal of Values-Based Leadership (2013).


  1. Values Based Leadership

View “Values Based Leadership” (a talk by Robert McDonald). Internet Explorer or Google Chrome is required to watch this video.


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