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PROJECT3: Critical Annotated Bibliography


PROJECT3: Critical Annotated Bibliography
Project 3 is the research portion of your research project and Project 4 is the essay portion. Please see our Page Section for examples of these two projects.
For this assignment, you will write a critical annotated bibliography consisting of eight scholarly sources and their corresponding annotations. You will also write a two-page introduction in which you explain your search strategy and your plan for using your sources to write your researched argument essay.

Proposal Defined: A proposal is a plan of action, so your proposal must explain your topic, your purpose and your intended audience. It must also include your research and organizational strategies. It must be written in prose in the same way you would write any academic paper. First person point of view aIa and amya is acceptable here.
Annotated Bibliography Defined: An annotated bibliography is a list of source citations, each followed by a brief annotation a a paragraph summarizing the content of the source and another paragraph explaining why that source is reliable and what you plan to do with that source. Each entry must consist of the citation plus two paragraphs.
Project Learning Objectives:
a Choosing and narrowing a research topic
a Designing search strategies
a Conducting academic research
a Evaluating sources
a Writing citations
a Planning a research-based argument essay

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