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Project proposal: The U.S ought to build more nuclear reactors


Project Proposal

Topic: (What do you want to talk about); Example: Nuclear Reactors

Thesis: (What do you want to say about the topic–needs to be one statement). Example: The U.S ought not build nuclear reactors.

Framework: (Which paradigm will support your thesis; plus a sentence or two about why this is a good choice).

Example: Social Contract Theory. SCT exists to keep citizens within the contract safe. Nuclear reactors are not a necessity and can potentially harm tens of thousands of people.


Topic: Nuclear Reactors.

Thesis: The U.S ought to build more nuclear reactors.

Framework: Deep Ecology. DE is an ethical framework, which maintains that every individual sentient being has a right to self actualize. Continuing to burn fossel fuels threatens this right.

(Notice that having a different thesis makes the selection of a different framework desirable).

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