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Position paper on smoking


For this assignment, you will need to take a position on an issue within your topic area and argue for it. That is, you will need to provide evidence to convince your readers of the correctness of your position. Your argumentative essay should run about 650-800 words and include:

My state position is (I agree that there are many disadvantages of smoking)

First, write an introduction in which you orient your readers to your topic, state your position which is (I agree that there are many disadvantages of smoking), and preview the rest of your paper and choose a main thesis that you want as the core for your final paper and several points that you would like to make about your topic based on everything you have learned or written.

Second, write a body in which you provide support for your position and please collect empirical evidence (survey OR observation) to support your main argument and this will make your argument stronger.

Third, write a conclusion in which you briefly summarize your argument and suggest what you think needs to be done to improve the current situation.

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