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POSC 100 Policy making Paper


Your Policymaking Paper is due by the end of class on the due-date listed in the course schedule included in your syllabus. A stapled paper copy must be submitted (no folders, plastic coverings etc. please). No late papers or e-mailed papers will be accepted. The paper should be five double-spaced pages in length, plus a cover-sheet and bibliography or List of Works Cited. There should be no direct quotations longer than three sentences. The goal of this assignment is to understand how American national governing and political institutions operate in the policymaking process. Your task is to pick a specific policy proposal (probably a specific bill that has passed or was defeated in Congress), and demonstrate how the American government operates to enact or reject a specific policy proposal (Your topic may be drawn from any time in U.S. history–recent topics are easier to research on the Internet, however). Your policy proposal is probably going to be a specific bill that was introduced into Congress, and was either passed or at least received a vote in Congress. The best place to look for these proposals is in the indexes of CQ Weekly (available through the library research database (compiled in CQ Almanac and CQ Researcher). There is a helpful tutorial posted on Titanium to assist you in navigating the CQ- Weeklies through the library database. This assignment is NOT AN OPINION PAPER. Ten Percent of Your grade for this paper depends on you clearing your topic with me ten days prior to the paper due date If you stick closely to the following outline you should do well:

Pick a policy area & a specific proposal (e.g.

Clearly identify the community problem the proposal was intended to address and how the government’s agenda was set.

Describe what the policy would do and clearly identify which national government institution (s) you are writing about

Identify the political players involved in the political process you’re writing about

Describe what proponents & opponents of the proposal did to try to enact or block the policy proposal



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