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PBHE 532: Ethical Issues in Public Health Case Study for Week 3 Nursing Home Case


Kevin was a case manager for a nursing home located 30 miles from his home. Kevin was a recent graduate from a local university, where he received his bachelor’s degree in psychology. Being a recent graduate, Kevin discovered that it was not easy to find a job, especially a job in his field; so he was extremely excited about his recent position working in a nursing home with the elderly.
Kevin was responsible for dispensing medicine, documenting conflicts or challenges among the residents, developing cognitive and physical activities for the residents and documenting their progress. Kevin would be one of two case managers on staff during a shift and he and his co-worker would have bi-monthly meetings with the residents’ nurse, nurse R, who worked off site.
Over the span of two months, Kevin noticed several of the residents’ medication orders had drastically changed making it almost impossible to keep up with the inventory, and nurse R was in everyday for two weeks in a row. Concerned, Kevin brought these issues to nurse R. She mentioned that some of the residents presented with other conditions that prompted the medication changes. Content with her response, Kevin continued with his job.
One night, Kevin had to exchange shifts with a co-worker and he worked later than usual. While preparing the activities for the residents, Kevin heard rustling in the office. When he went to investigate, he noticed nurse R in the office removing resident medication and placing them into her purse. In shock, Kevin returned to the recreation area and told his co-worker. The co-worker was aware of the situation and informed Kevin that nurse R had been selling the medication to others for the past two months now and she would be able to “cut him in” if he needed the money.
Not sure how to proceed, Kevin decided to work the later shift the following night and record nurse R’s actions with his cell phone camera. The following week, Kevin took his recordings to his supervisor. Nurse R was immediately fired, arrested and the company became the lead story on the local news for several weeks. In the weeks that followed, several family members of the residents filed lawsuits against the nursing home.
1. Respond using 1000 words: Address the following in each of your responses:
2. Assess the risks involved in the situation and discuss the ethical implications (and/or legal implications)
3. Provide a rationale on the steps you chose for your resolution
4. Identify the major ethical and/or legal issue(s) in the scenario
5. Identify all those invested in the outcome (e.g. family members, patient, doctors, hospital administration, policy makers, etc)
6. Identify one action plan to resolve the issue(s) – with proper literature support
7. Discuss your personal reaction to the scenario

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