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Outline Keynes explanation of serious macro-economic instability in capitalism (7 pages)


Using your own words, outline Keynes explanation of serious macro-economic instability in capitalism. In particular explain Keynes analysis of unstable private investment spending. Use as your main references Heilbroner (1997), Keynes (2007) and Sheehan (2013).

*include a bibliography, and where appropriate endnotes

Referencing Requirements:
Heilbroner, R. (1997) Teachings from the Worldly Philosophy. London, W.W. Norton and Company. Chapter on Keynes, especially pp. 289 – 296
Keynes, J.M.(1972) The Means to Prosperity. In Essays in Persuasion. Collected Writings of J.M. Keynes Vol IX. London, Macmillan.
Keynes, J.M. (2007) The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money. Basingstoke, Palgrave-Macmillan. Chapter 24, especially pp. 372-381 and 383-384.
Sheehan, B. (2013a) ‘The Political Economy of John Maynard Keynes a beginners guide pp. 16 26. Available from: http://leedsmet.academia.edu/BrendanSheehan

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