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Memo Writing Assignment ECN 431 Public Economics


The United States government offers Social Security to aged people, the disabled and people without regular income. The situation implies that the cost of offering Social Security is high and still rising. The government approximates the Social Security requirements for a period of 75 years. However, the Social Security is becoming costly due to an increase in retirements and an aging population. Statistics shows that by 2035, the contribution to Social Security will not meet the full cost of the services. Government sources indicate that the current tax contribution towards Social Security. Memo Writing Assignment ECN 431 Public Economics. The Assignment The assignment is to write a two-page memo on a topic that you choose. Write the memo as a briefing to a superior. You can assume the superior knows something about the subject, but has asked you to organize thoughts and fill in the pros and cons on the issue. (Do not write an advocacy memo one that advocates a certain point of view or strategy.) When a superior asks you to write a memo as a briefing, it will often serve as a prelude to a meeting with a larger group on the subject. You should assume that invitees to the meeting will receive a copy of your memo before the meeting. And the memo may have been circulated before the meeting. Write accordingly respectful, professional with good grammar and word choice. Use the active voice. Given the above, your memo should not take a strident or one-sided viewpoint. Acknowledge both the pros and cons of the issue or the proposed reform. At the meeting you and others will lay out the pros and cons, weigh the balance, and make a recommendation. After the meeting, someone will have responsibility for writing another memo or paper that explains the agency’s position and advocates a specific direction.

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