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Memo: The question of benefits and drawbacks of hydraulic fracturing (2 pages)


Objectives of assignment:
1. To articulate a point of view.
2. Practice civil discourse.
3. Consider the role of the engineering profession in formulating public opinions on mass and energy resource management.
4. Raise awareness of the understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

Public opinion is split on the question of benefits and drawbacks of hydraulic fracturing. As with most engineering projects there are benefits, risks and unintended consequences. What are the responsibilities of the engineers working in this industry to the people living on land that is being fracked, people living nearby fracking operations and the general population?
Fracking explanation
The assignment has several parts.

1. Two summary statements of the issue with citations documenting differing points of view (5 pts/viewpoint). (1 page each) OBJECTIVE VIEWPOINT

Pro-Fracking (Memo #3

Against-Fracking (Memo #4).
2. Read the national and international engineering code – 1-2 page summary of the parts of the code that you feel relate to the issue. Type out the section of the code and tell me why that part of the code is relevant. (5 points) (Memo #5) http://www.nspe.org/Ethics/CodeofEthics/index.html

PDF of International code is on blackboard.

Read the categories of virtues for the engineering profession by Martin & Schinzinger

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