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Marketing terms (3 pages)


1. Define promotion. what does integrated marketing communications mean?
2. from your shopping experience, what were your two favorite stores and why? (Please use Nike, bestbuy, Target or Tiffany)
3. What were three general observations from the whole Union Square experience (San francisco)
4.What are the 4 methods of integrated marketing communications?
5.What are the steps in personal sellings?
6.What are the various objective of pricing?
7.Why do you think most companies are adopting a mobile first strategy as their core=marketing objective going forward?
8.How do you see social media playing a major role for all brands in today’s environment?
9.Find 2 advertisements of a company you like, what is it that you like and please make sure you send me a link to it as well, it can be a video as well.
10.As a customer, would you rather shop at a store that features a sale once a moth or a store that practices every day low pricing? Why/why not?

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