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Market supply


Now we are turning to the supply side of markets for this homework. Using the NAICS (North American Industry Classification system), pick an industry (or even a sub-industry) category for your assignment.

  • Across the period 2009-2015, discuss changes within this industry (or-sub-industry) with respect to the supply of the product, remembering that supply includes production, distribution, transportation, marketing, and testing.
  • To do so, you must refer to the background factors of supply that were discussed in class. These were: Techniques of supply, Prices of resources, Expectations of future product price, Number of suppliers in market, and Taxes OR Subsidies.
  • You may use as many examples using specific companies within your chosen industry (or sub-industry) or simply refer to the whole industry (or sub-industry) to discuss changes within your industry.

Format: Maximum 250 words; multiple references require for text material and any attachments utilized within assignment.

You can locate NAICS by typing: http://www.censusus.gov/naics

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