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Managing Knowledge and Information Systems Assessment


Managing Knowledge and Information Systems Assessment

You are a management consultant that has been assigned to work for TPMT to help develop systems to manage and support knowledge sharing within the organisation to improve business performance. One of the business owners has recently read an article on companies using Web 2.0 technologies to support knowledge management and is keen for you to explore this avenue. She has asked you to produce a briefing document on whether web 2.0 could be used effectively to help address some of the problems the company is facing. Your document should:
1. Identify one of the key Knowledge Management (KM) business problems facing TPMT from the case study. For the problem that you have identified justify why the problem should be addressed to improve business performance.
2. Provide an overview of the characteristics of web 2.0 technologies
3. Identify three of the benefits and three of the challenges of applying web 2.0 technologies to address the type of KM problem you have identified in part 1 of the question. You should use a balance of examples from both practical business situations and academic papers to support your argument and clearly identify connections between KM and use of Web 2.0.
4. Based on your findings in the first three parts of the question, suggest possible options for how the organisation could apply web based tools and knowledge management practices to address the problem you have identified in part 1 of the question. You should take into consideration the following points
 The size of the company, minimal budget, stakeholders and the company operations.
 How the web based tools could be integrated with knowledge management practices
 Clearly state any reasoned assumptions you have made as part of your proposal such as integration with existing systems or approximate costs or budget.

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