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M7D2: Can the Chinese produce every thing less expensively than the United States?


By participating in this discussion, you will review an actual business situation and discover how one small North American made product is competing effectively against similar products imported from China
Conventional wisdom holds that “Everything can be made for less money in China than in the United States.”
One popular hobby is model railroading. The vast majority of model trains and accessories are now made in China. A recent advertisement in a model train magazine is worth your attention.
This advertisement is from a company called GarGraves who claim to be able to undercut their competitors’ prices by more than 75%, even though GarGraves manufactures their products in the U.S. and their competitors manufacture their products in China.

Well, how do you think GarGraves could do this? See images below.

Image: https://www.sendspace.com/file/y01k7w

Start off by studying the GarGraves advertisement.

Then visit the GarGraves, Lionel, and Atlas web sites.
When you discuss your perspective with your peers, you should substantiate your thoughts by citing specific parts of the textbook and by making reference to the company websites.

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