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Levendary café case study


Levendary Café Assignment

Recommendations and Advice Memo


Instructions:  Levendary Café CEO Mia Foster is travelling to China to meet with VP, China Louis Chen.  She understands that this meeting might be awkward and would like various alternatives to address the company’s issues with Louis Chen

She has asked you to prepare a 750-1000 word (not more) memorandum to prepare her for this visit.

Create this memo using the format below.  Make good use of titles, white space, headings, numbering and bullets where appropriate.  Indicate the word count.

Delete all of my instructions, and deliver a “clean” memo.



TO:                  Mrs. Mia Foster, CEO Levendary Café

FROM:             Consultant (your name)

DATE:              (Date)

RE:                   Advice and Analysis on your meetings regarding future of Levendary Café China

WORDS:          (# of words in your memorandum) ______________________________________________________________________________


Your advice memo should have four clearly labeled sections and address the following topics:

  1. Statement of Problem: Tell Mia what are the problems being faced and the most important 3-4 decisions the company needs to make regarding the situation of the company in China. (number each decision and put each one on its own line)

(insert a space / line break here)


  1. Alternatives: Tell Mia what are three different courses of action she can take to deal with Louis Chen and solve these various issues? Clearly explain. (number each alternative and put each one on its own line)

(insert a space / line break here)


  1. Decision: Recommend one course of action (from section 2) to Mia Foster. Convince her why this one is best and will help fix the problems. Address any criticism that this decision is likely to face

(insert a space / line break here)


  1. Action: List and describe 4-5 action steps Mia can take to turn your plan into reality and implement the plan (number each action and put each one on its own line)

Address this memo directly to CEO Mia Foster (not to the professor)

As usual, we are looking for clear and helpful advice and recommendations that we can use….not just information.

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