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Introduction of Organization, Identification of the Organizational problem, and Critical Analysis of Journal Article


Your project for the class will be a two-part analysis of an organization. The first part project (Assignment
1) serves as way to orient you to the specific issues/problems related to your chosen organization. In this
first paper, you will choose a organization you are interested to study, read at least 3 newspaper articles to
identify a issue or problem the organization current faces, and critically analyze an article from one of the
prominent journals that specialize in organizational studies. This article should further orient you to the
issue that you have identified faced by the organization. !
1. Your first goal is to introduce the organization that you have chosen for this project. So what
organization might you choose? One option is to explore a future career possibility – an organization
that you plan to work at after you graduate. Alternatively, you can also explore a type of organization
you are not familiar with (just keep in mind that you cannot choose to study any type of illegal
organizations). In this introductory paragraph or two, you should discuss: !
• Why you are interested in this organization?
• What does this organization look like in general (its structure, functions, occupants, history/
development)? You should use publicly available information to begin your analysis: the
organization’s Web site is often the best starting point. Remember, however, that you are using
the Web site as a source of data for the analysis; do not simply copy material off the Web site.
Your assignment is an analysis, not a data-dump.
• What can we learn from an exploration of this particular organization? In other words: what is
the sociological relevance of this topic?

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