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Infant Observation Assignment (3 pages)


Your final assessment for the infant unit is to observe the behavior of two children.

During your observation indicate what behaviors are exhibited from the different realms of development discussed in class (physical, emotional, social and cognitive).  As you are observing, begin by making a list of behaviors in their respective category.  Once you have observed the child and completed the list of behaviors, be ready to explain what behaviors were observed and how they relate to key concepts, theories and/or theorists discussed class.

Keep in mind that as an observer, your role is simply that, to observe.  Therefore, you should not make any personal comments or state opinions in your report.  Further, as an observer, you should not name your subject by name, rather use initials or simply refer to your subject as “the subject, the child, the infant”, etc.

Each of you will be observing the same child via a Podcast.  View the video and complete the observation chart. Try to use as many vocabulary words as possible (for example, cause & affect, incidental learning, imitation, social development, physical development).  Also, make sure to state specifically which realm of development you are writing about (for example, gross vs. fine motor skills).

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