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IMRD research paper


Ling. 200 Paper 2
Questionnaire Due: 10/10/14 Rough Draft of Intro and Methods Due: 10/16/14 Rough Draft of Results and Discussion Due: 11/06/14 Final Draft Due: 11/18/14

This paper will deal with Corporate America. You will be assigned to a group of approximately 4 people for this assignment. Your group will agree on a topic related to this issue. Topic Research the idea of “corporations are a threat to Environment (pollution)” After you do some preliminary research, your group will design a questionnaire/survey that you will use to find out public perception/attitudes about the topic chosen. Remember that your survey should focus on an aspect of Corporate America, not just people’s shopping habits. Your group will distribute the survey, and collect and analyze the data. Then, each person in the group will individually write a paper on this topic based on the findings you have gathered through your original research. The original research consists of the results of the questionnaire that you and your group have developed. You will use the responses gathered from your questionnaire to explore this topic. You will also compare your results with relevant sources and discuss any similarities or differences with current findings. This essay will be an IMRD paper written in APA format. Accordingly, you should have the following sections in your paper: introduction, methods, results, and discussion. You will also be using graphs, charts, or tables to display the results of your original research. Your results section should contain 2-3 graphs, charts, or tables (at least one graph) along with a paragraph describing the data presented in each. You will need to read and integrate into your paper at least 3 sources. You may use up to two articles from our textbook as two of these sources, but you will need to find one, two or three sources through the library or on your own. As usual in an APA formatted paper, cite all outside sources and include a reference page as well as a title page. This paper should be about 9 pages including your title page and reference page. Your two rough drafts and the final draft will be submitted electronically. The rough drafts will be submitted to the Assignment folder and the final draft will be a Turnitin assignment. Page guidelines for each section:
Title page — 1 page Introduction – 1-1 ½ pages Methods – 1 page Results – 2 pages Discussion – 3 pages References – 1 page

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