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“Immigration Act of 1907”; “Immigration Laws in U.S. History”; “Trans-nationalism” (2 pages)”


Reading Responses:
Each student will craft a one page single-spaced written response to one class period reading eight
times during the semester. Two responses will be due per unit. Responses should be concise, thoughtful,
and answer the following questions:
1. What was the scope of the material (what was the topic);
2. What was the argument presented?;
3. What methods and/or types of evidence were used to support that argument?; and
4. Did you find the argument and evidence persuasive? Why or why not?
These responses are intended to give students actual class credit (please note the large percentage of
your grade dedicated to these responses) for doing the reading and fully preparing for each class. In
addition, these responses will act as preparation for our weekly discussions. Each response will be
graded as a Check, a Check Plus or a Check Minus. A Check Plus equals a letter grade of A, a Check
equals a B, and a Check Minus equals a C.

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