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Human Resource in Hospitality Industry


Human resource is one of the most significant assets to an organization (Snell; Bohlander, 2012). The hospitality industry is a notable employer in developed nations such as the United States. Most hotels and resorts advertise job opportunities online through their website’s and career portals. In this regard, the paper considers the career portals of Intercontinental Group of Hotels and the Hilton Group of Hotels. The two hotels are multinational in nature and recruit from various countries worldwide Human Resource in action (Hospitality Industry) (4 pages)’,’1. Pick two companies that is related to hospitality industry that have job opening on their official website. (pick any position by writer- hotels or restaurant) 2. analyze and describe the website, recommendation you would improve the quality of the website (career page) 3. pick one of the two company and suggest three recruitment method. discuss reason why 4. design a selection process to use for initial screening and final screening of applicant

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