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How have women’s roles in policing evolved over time


Every student will be required to complete a well-organized paper (15 pages), your title page and the references do not count as a page in your paper. Your paper must be double space, Times Roman, 12 font, APA Style.
Select one topic related to everything you have learned in class this semester and write a clear term paper about what you have learned during your research.

Topic: How have women’s roles in policing evolved over time and what challenges have they faced, particularly for women of color.

Issues to be discussed in the term paper

Discuss the history of women in policing. The challenges and barriers faced by female officers throughout history. Along with the evolution of women roles in policing from the 19th century to the present, and the role of women of color in policing.

Other subheadings required

Compare and contrast
negative and/or positive issues
how they changed the world of corrections
(You should add others too)

A minimum of (10) academic sources is required.

All papers must be formatted in the APA citation method. Students will use the American Psychological Association (APA) style for written assignments, as appropriate.