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Free Trade for Developing Countries


According to the World Trade Organization, developing nations have very low trade volumes due to government restrictions. The restrictions reduce the ease of doing business in the countries. It is upon these premises that free trade becomes useful for these nations. The primary objective of free trade is to enhance business among countries by eliminating unnecessary barriers to trade. Such barriers include state tariffs, licenses, taxes and quotas. Free trade ensures that countries engage in business cheaply. The purpose of this paper is to take a position a side – on an issue, and to support it. The purpose of this paper is to take a position a side – on an issue, and to support it. You must support that position with clear logic, and with evidence facts, statistics, and authoritative opinions on the subject. You must also take into consideration opposing points of view. You can either write a straight argument supporting or opposing a proposition. For example, in the essays read in class, Rodriguez believes Affirmative Action is not working and should be removed, whereas Malcolm believes Affirmative Action is needed and should be retained. Or, you can write a Cause-Effect argument where you develop or argue your position based on the effects something may have, or where you trace causes (as we discussed in class about the current war/conflict in Syria). STEP 1 1. Choose a topic that interests you. This topic must have many aspects and perspectives surrounding it. Choose an issue where there is a clear division of opinion and which is arguable. 2. The topic cannot be a purely informative topic. For example, you cannot write a position paper with the subject What is nuclear energy? However, you can write a paper arguing that the benefits of nuclear energy outweigh the drawbacks/dangers, and provide evidence that support this view. (This is an example; don’t write about this). 3.You cannot choose a life or death topic such as abortion, euthanasia/assisted suicide, or capital punishment, etc. 4.Choose something current and interesting on which there are different points of view. Some suggestions for topics: 1)You can pick a controversial topic from your country, if you wish. You must provide good context and background for the topic in your introduction. OR Pick something current. For example, recent conflicts, or laws that are being debated. OR Pick a social issue. For example, write an essay discussing the issue of body image in today’s world. What are the elements that shape this media, culture, etc. Or 4)Pick a controversial issue connected to your major and examine that.

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