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Individual Project MSC-345-B: just paper, no presentation.
Cover Page (topic, your name, course name, course number) **Table of Contents Page (list of sections that you have used in your paper) as follows: -Project Description -Project Objectives -Project Benefits -Project Risks -Project Tasks/Activities -Project Costs/Expenses -etc. (if there is any other section that you want to add to table of contents that is important for the project). -Bibliography/References/Resources
**The paper: The actual paper will include: A: Project Description (describe the nature of the project using Microsoft WORD). B: Project Objectives (describe goals/objectives of the project using Microsoft WORD). C:Project Benefits (describe benefits of the project for individuals or groups or organizations, etc., whichever applies using Microsoft WORD) D: Project Risks (describe if any risks involved in the project using Microsoft WORD) E: Project Tasks/Activities (describe tasks/activities need using Microsoft Project Management F: Project Cost/Expenses (present expenses using Microsoft Excel) G: Etc. if there is anything else that you need to describe using WORD) H: Bibliography/references (you will present list of bibliography/references/resources that you have used, using WORD). –Can include picture, graph, chart/table, figure, etc. if needed and make the paper more understandable, more professional, etc. –Total 5-7 pages, typed, double-spaced, font 12. –Cover page, table of content page, bibliography/reference page are not part of 5-7 pages.

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