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Fallacies and logic


A. Understanding General Concepts of Logic

From credible scholarly [.edu] websites, QUOTE one good definition + one revealing example for each of these concepts:

1.’induction’ or ‘inductive reasoning’ + example
2.’deduction’ [not tax-related] or ‘deductive reasoning’ + example
3.’syllogism’ + example
4.’enthymeme’ + example
5.source info:
?author’s name (if given) and job affiliation (e.g., Philosophy professor at UC Berkeley)
?website title and link
B. Identifying Fallacies in Examples
post your fallacy identifications of five (5) examples that contain five (5) different fallacies in this way:

1.Three (3) fallacy identifications you feel pretty Confident about.
2.Two (2) fallacy identifications you feel ‘Not So Confident’ about.

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