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Facility visit


Facility Visit

Please select a sports or recreation facility to visit. Write a two-page summary on the facility you visit by answering these
1. What are the likely sources of sport and activity revenue? Is this facility marketable? Can the facility earn revenue
from area organizations like churches, schools, civic and social clubs, and corporations?
2. What is the quality of the playing surfaces and activity areas? What kinds of competition areas or exercise areas
are available? Fixtures and equipment (lighting, HVAC, phone system, TVs, sound system, warm up area,
showers, cafe tables, spectator seating, etc.)? Locker rooms? Reception area? Office space? Are there
conference rooms, party rooms, changing rooms, lockable storage, administrative offices, visitor offices, and
medical examining rooms?
3. What is the staffing like? What can be improved in terms of safety?
4. What is the quality of the parking area outside the facility?
5. What is your overall impression of the facility?
Please provide the answers to these questions and include a section that discusses how this experience has helped you
in your educational journey. References are not required for this assignment but can be used if you wish to provide more
Write at least two pages (this does not include the title page, abstract, or reference page, if necessary). Format your paper
using APA style. Please include separate title page, abstract, and separate your work into sections, which include an
introduction and conclusion section. Use your own words, and include citations for sources (if needed) as needed to avoid

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