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Essay, Finance and Accounting The role of the International monetary fund (IMF) in helping poor and debt-troubled countries (4 pages)


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The IMF has been recognized with their financial assistance to aid poor countries, indebted nations and governments in countries that experience economic and financial instabilities. The aid, however, comes in a form of extended and fresh loans that the borrowing country has to pay back and/or meet certain tough conditions. The approaches and intentions by the IMF for aid have been criticized as being unethical

Why does the IMF have to help out poor and debt-troubled nations?

What are the conditions that the borrowing country need to meet to be eligible for the loan?

Are there any ethical foundations for the IMF to use debt to help out nations that are already in debt?

Do these loans harm or help in the development of poor countries and saving debt-troubled nations?

Do the IMF and their policymakers have undisclosed purposes to pursue certain policy objectives?

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