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diversity and effects of culture


In a minimum of three to a maximum of five page, double-spaced pages, answer the questions at the end of Chapter 4. Incorporate the cultural characteristic terms designated from the chapter in your discussion and underline them. read chapter four: diversity and effects of culture, from the effective group discussion: theory and practice book.

1. How do the intercultural dimensions discussed in the chapter serve as a framework for assessing the differences in communication pattern between the software design team and Martha? Where were the biggest sources of friction between the two?

2. Martha and the design team were all fairly recent college graduates; all were either from generation X or the net generation. What are the main differences between these two groups and, if Martha had gotten the job, where would you expect to see the most serious communication challenges?

3. The software team included one Hispanic member (Jorge) and one African American member (Scott). How might these co-cultural differences have created challenges with Martha, if she had gotten the job?

4. If the software team and Martha had been more culturally tuned in, how might they have bridged their initial ethnocentric reactions? If you had been either Martha or one of the members of the team, and you had seen the entire interview disintegrating, is there anything you could have said or done to save it?

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