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Critical Book Review: This project will require you to read and evaluate one popular science book


Critical Book Review
This project will require you to read and evaluate one popular science book (from the list below),
whose purpose is to inform the public of environmental issues. The objective behind this assignment is to give you the opportunity to delve more deeply into an environmental theme of your choice.
Your essay should have an original title (not the books title). It should be written as a book review that you might find online or in a newspaper (not as a list of questions/answers).
1) What was the main theme and how does it relate to environmental issues?
2) Why did you choose to read this book?
3) Do you feel the issues covered in the book are important? Why/why not?
4) What was the authors stance?
5) Did the author report the science accurately (e.g., were scientific statements referenced?)EEB 18: Why Ecology Matters: the science behind environmental issues
Page 13 of 16
6) Were the authors arguments convincing? Why/why not?
7) What solutions did the author offer, and which solutions do you believe could work?
8) What was the quality of the book? Was it interesting, effective, important, well written?
9) How was this book received by the public? (You can find this information online.)
10)Were there any images/lessons that made a lasting or emotional impact? Why?
11) Would you recommend this book to others? Why/why not?

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