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Consumer Behavior: Faculty of Business Environment and Society


Faculty of Business Environment and Society
The coursework comprises of a 3000-word individual essay on the below topic:
A penalty of 10% of the mark is applied if the word limit is exceeded more than 10% or is below the limit by more than 10%
Using theories of consumer behaviour discuss and analyse the concept of the Extended Self (Belk 1988), and its effect on consumers’ purchasing behaviour. Furthermore, select any four adverts and discuss how these adverts have/have not applied the concept effectively.

Sources that you can find information from:
• Main sources academic databases: Business Source Complete, Emerald, Sage and Science Direct
• Secondary sources – practitioner databases: Marketing Week, Brand republic, TED, Economist, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Financial Times, Ad Week.
Word Length 3000 words

Learning Outcomes Assessed
Students must be able to:
1. Understand the psychological underpinnings of consumer behaviour.
2. Evaluate social, demographic and cultural influences on consumer behaviour.
3. Develop an understanding of current issues in consumer behaviour, such as internet consumption and ethical consumer behaviour.
4. Produce a critical analysis of a contemporary issue in consumer behaviour.
Assessment Criteria

To pass this coursework you will need to demonstrate:
• The ability to access and research appropriate academic literature.
• The ability to APPLY theories of consumer behaviour or more simply, to apply to the essay:
o what was discussed in class AND
o what was read in the appropriate academic literature
• Skills of analysis, compilation and structure.
• Essays should be more than descriptive collations of library material and should illustrate relevant aspects of theory and practice, and demonstrate thoughtful and critical analysis of issues.

• Marks will be therefore be awarded for evidence of
o good research skills and the effective use of appropriate literature throughout the essay
o analytical rigour (good analytical skills)
o a critical perspective throughout the essay
o demonstration of understanding of all relevant concepts
o good application of theory to practice
o use of appropriate examples throughout the essay
o practical insight.

Note: The report must be fully referenced in Harvard style.

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