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Components of the IMC Plan: Waste management (4 pages)


What is your main issue (waste management, conservation of the environment, appreciation of the natural environment). You should focus on only ONE.
Case studies (successful sustainability and campaigns abroad)
What is the current situation in Qatar regarding your issue (e.g., recycling).
What obstacles or positive can you face?
What is your target market?
What are your promotional objectives? (SMART)
Awareness, comprehension, conviction, action
Awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, trial, regular use.
What is your campaign message? This is the unified message of your campaign.
Present your creative brief. (Refer to the coming slides)
What are your campaign communication strategies?
What media (print, online, TV, special events,) will you use and in what way.
What are your campaign tactics?

What is your media plan?

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