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Compare and contrast different productions of hamlet


Select two different productions of hamlet and compare the dramatic effectiveness of performance and production of particular scenes. The one scene you are REQUIRED to examine in both films is the famous To be or not to be soliloquy. You must also compare the dramatic effectiveness and emotional impact of at least two others from the following list:
To be or not to be (Act III, Scene I) required analysis
Get thee to a nunnery ( Act III, Scene I) Hamlet & Ophelia
… you have my father much offended (Act III, Scene IV) Hamlet & Gertrude
O, my offence is rank (Act III, Scene III) — Hamlet & Claudius
Alas, poor Yorick! (Act V, Scene I / the graveyard) Hamlet & Horatio & gravediggers & Court & Laertes
… youre a fishmonger (Act II, Scene II) Hamlet & Polonius
I am thy fathers spirit (Act I, Scene V) Hamlet & the Ghost of King Hamlet.

In your analysis, focus on performance quality and dramatic effectiveness. What makes the moment exciting, believable, emotional, etc.? Evaluate the performance, considering the interplay between characters and the pacing and mood of the scene in general. Try to pluck out the heart of (its) mystery and deduce what makes it work or not. Or at least what makes the performance by Actor A as Hamlet different than the performance by Actor B.

Do not speak in generalities in your discussion. Point to specific elements that helped to shape your opinion. Be ready to discuss your paper and defend your point of view

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