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Communication 270: Proposal writing (2 pages)


As we discussed in detail today, the proposal is being assigned. For this document, please produce a proposal for your final report addressed to myself that details your topic and why you are researching it.

So, following some of the instructions from the book will help you greatly. Make sure that you clearly address the following elements.

1. Purpose–why are you choosing this topic, what specific aspects of the larger problem can your research address?

2. Background–relevant brainstorming research that you have compiled to begin your drafting process

3. Questions–what are the central questions that you are investigating?

4. Expectations–what sorts of conclusions, recommendations, insights or changes does your topic suggest?

These are not deterministic categories; therefore, you can structure your proposal any way that you see fit. This is an opportunity to refine the scope of your report now as opposed to last minute. That being said, you are not locked-in to whatever you choose to write about and we will continue to discuss these proposals on Thursday. Remember, it is no fun to research something that you do not care about and cannot use later–so try to come up with a resonant topic.

I expect the proposal to be more than a page long–if you are having issues with length, then you probably need to specifiy your topic more.

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