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Coca Cola case: Product line, line breadth and brand positioning (3 pages)


Coca-Cola Assignment
1-visit the company website (www.coca-cola.com) and identify and describe the different product lines that it markets.
2- how would you describe its product line breadth?
3-review the different product categories in each of the company’s product lines. which has the greatest depth? which has the least?
4- how has the company positioned its brand? how does it go about communicating its positioning?

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Coca-Cola is the largest non-alcoholic drinks manufacturer in the world. The company engages in the production in more than 200 countries. In total, the Coca-Cola Company has more than 500 brands. Coca-Cola outsources some of its production to other firms in the industry while other firms manufacture other products under license from Coca-Cola. In essence, Coca- Cola owns and controls 30% of the soft-drink market in the world (statistica.com). The company divides its