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Case Report: To complete a strategic planning report for First Solar, Inc.


You are responsible to complete a strategic planning report for First Solar, Inc.

The requirements for this report are the same as those for the full case analysis. The length of the report may vary from individual to individual but below are suggested lengths for each section. Again, it is not necessary that each section match the suggested length – these are merely estimates of what one might expect. The content of the report should address, at the minimum the following:

1. Introduction (Approximately 1 page) Introduce the company, its main products, and summarizes the key strategic issues of the situation.

2. Analysis of the company’s mission statement and objectives. (Approximately 2 pages) Discuss its strengths and weaknesses in its ability to inform the strategic planning process. Also, compare and contrast it with some of the firm’s major competitors.

3. External Analysis of the competitive and general environment. (Approximately 5 pages) Note and explain any external opportunities or threats. It is important that you back up any claims with data/facts.

4. Internal Analysis. (Approximately 5 pages) Identify and explain any strengths or weaknesses within the company that create a competitive advantage or disadvantage for the firm. Be sure to consider organizational, financial, leadership, and other factors. Once again, it is important that you back up any claims with data/facts.

5. Alternative strategies. (Approximately 3 pages) Develop and state some of the strategies which the company could implement and that you considered for recommendation. Be sure that the strategies flow from the situational analysis.

*6. MOST IMPORTANTLY DEVELOP RECOMMENDATIONS. (Approximately 3 pages) Identify issues or problems you feel are essential to the success of that company. Formulate suggestions for that company to deal with those issues.

Follow these criteria when formulating your recommendations:
a. Are they consistent with the organizations mission, goals, and objectives?
b. Do the recommendations deal with the issues or problems you identified?
c. Do your recommendations lead to a sustainable competitive advantage?
d. Are they feasible both organizationally and politically?
e. Do you list specific actions or only give ideological answers.

7. Implementation Plan. (Approximately 2 pages) Provide a basic plan for implementing the strategies you recommend, including: the timing of events; specific actions that need to be taken; how those actions will be financed; and forecasted effects on finances.

To accomplish all of the above you may need to refer to information not included in the text of the case.

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