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Case analysis: Bartleby, the Scrivener


Bartleby, the Scrivener

  1. What is the Boss up against in relation to Bartleby? What does Bartleby represent? Who are the major players in the story? What do we know about them? Are they likable? Sympathetic? Realistic?
  2. What is the function of the story’s minor characters?
  3. How does the Boss react when Bartleby repeatedly refuses to perform his duties? What is the Boss’s dilemma? Why does the Boss have sympathy for Bartleby? What do you recommend the Boss do?
  4. Exactly why does Bartleby always “prefer not to?” Describe Bartleby’s behavior. Why can’t he make friends or communicate? What is at the heart of his rebellion?
  5. What are the Ironies in the story
  6. Paradoxes in the case
  7. What ideas does this story suggest to you about management? The workplace?
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