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CA-UTI group presentation project


This assignment is a group (project) presentation my part is to
Conduct a search of the literature related to the nursing problem
Our group chosen is ( CA-UTIS ) Catheter- associated UTIS
Urinary tract infections.

I am to analyze and critically appraise- (evidence-based literature) to support the solution to the identified problem ( Ca-uti)
I am responsible for 1- research article must be identified.

I am to prepare a 2-3 slide power point, no title page needed.
Just 2 slides and a reference page. Foot notes to be included.

Related to practice implications on CA-UTI. Another student is responsible for evidence appraisal. Include the following components into the power-point slides.
Present the proposed practice changes from an integration of the findings.

Here is the RUBRIC grading scale for my part of this group assignment. 35%

1. proposes an evidence-based practice change ( grading). The solution is written clearly and concisely. Ideas universally progress and related to each other. The project gives the audience a clear sense of the main idea.

When all students in our group have completed their assigned power point slides then we will put the all together to make 1 large power-point presentation

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