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Business proposal; Apple Incl


1.Your solution must be feasible.
This is a short assignment so do not try to solve a huge problem within your company. Perhaps pick one part of that problem to solve. You need to be able to propose your solution within the word count. Your solution must also be realistic and practical. If you work for a company that utilizes sweatshops, you can’t just say “get rid of sweatshops.” You would have to account for the amount of money they saved, or the regulations they avoided by using sweatshops. If you are dealing with a giant corporation like Disney, you can’t suggest shutting down their theme parks because that would never happen. You can however suggest changes to their theme parks.

2. Your solution must have a budget.

You do need to utilize your research from Assignment 2 in order to assign a realistic budget for your company. You need to be able to say where money is going to come from in order to pay for this solution. If your solution doesn’t cost anything (and they always have cost), then you need to explain how much money is earned or saved. While you are addressing me as your audience, and my values clearly put people over money, I still care about how money is used and want to see that solutions are practical and financially efficient.

3. Improvements might be easier

Don’t underestimate the power of a strong suggestion for improvement. If you think that your company is missing out on a prime consumer target, you can and should suggest an advertising or marketing campaign that will address them. Your company might be just fine if they never addressed a particular consumer, but your proposal would suggest why it would be an improvement to include them.

4. Consider the use of visuals

While it is not required, you might consider if one or two thoughtfully chosen visuals would help me to understand your problem or solution more clearly.

5. CSC – Introductions

Consider the Introduction as the place to establish the Context, Subject and Claim. What is the context of the problem/subject? Global warming debates, health-care frustrations, corporate mistrust, for example? Give a brief statement of the problem (you will use the “Problem Description” section to give more detail) and then end with your thesis claim. Feel free to use the following outline for that claim:

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