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Business law


Do the following problems, using separate paragraphs for each of the following : a) summary of the facts, b) identify the legal issues involved, c) your analysis of the case and d) your conclusion.

1. Page 86, # 41: Liability to Business Invitees. Kim went to Lings Market to pick up a few items for dinner. It was a stormy day, and the wind had blown water through the markets door each time it opened. As Kim entered through the door, she slipped and fell in the rainwater that had accumulated on the ?oor. The manager knew of the weather conditions but had not posted any sign to warn customers of the water hazard. Kim injured her back as a result of the fall and sued Lings for damages. Can Lings be held liable for negligence? Discuss.

2. Page 86, # 43: Negligence. Shannons physician gives her some pain medication and tells her not to drive after taking it because the medication induces drowsiness. In spite of the doctors warning, Shannon decides to drive to the store while on the medication. Owing to her lack of alertness, she fails to stop at a traf?c light and crashes into another vehicle, causing a passenger in that vehicle to be injured. Is Shannon liable for the tort of negligence?

3. Research and write a brief summary of each of the following international agreements concerning intellectual property law:

a) The Paris Convention;

b) The Berne Convention;

c) The TRIPS Agreement; and

d) The Madrid Protocol.

The source of the book that should be use for this assignment is:
Fundamentals of Business Law by Roger LeRoy Miller

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